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About Just Buns and the Swirly Bun Story


The Swirly Bun

It all began as a craving for my family’s sweet buns, and a phone call to the family’s matriarch for the recipe and detailed instructions on how to prepare the buns. I remember mom would only make the buns in the summer time in South Texas when the temperature was hovering around 100 degrees and 100% humidity. Since the dough mixture is yeast based, she would let these sweet delicacies rise in the garage all day which gave the buns their light airy texture. Since we resided in South Florida at the time with the same temperatures and humidity we figured we would attempt to make the buns. The original buns were always filled with ham and cheese and us being chocolate lovers decided to make a batch with chocolate chips and other fillings we had in the pantry. Fast forward a few years later now residing in New York we began making them for parties and holiday gatherings for family and friends and they were always a big hit. Everyone always said we should do something with this sweet treat. So we applied modern baking techniques, passion, the finest ingredients available plus a few more flavors and Just Buns as a company was founded.

Since the success of the "original" swirly bun, we have added several more to our menu...including Almond, Chocolate, Toffee, Blueberry, Cinnamon & Brown Sugar (our most popular), and Peanut Butter.  We are always experimenting...and welcome suggestions as well! 

We always wanted to be part of a business we can be passionate about.  A business where we could do something we love... and share part of ourselves as well.  Every single Swirly Bun is made by hand, with all natural ingredients and no preservatives.  We are a hands-on family-run operation and we love it.  Our goal is to have you enjoy our Swirly Buns fresh from our kitchen to your table.

Thank you for your interest.  Now go and guiltlessly indulge!