Just Buns collaborates with Hispanica International Delights of America Inc.
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Just Buns Specialty Bakery

Welcome to Just Buns home of the original Swirly Bun. What is a Swirly bun? It's a light fluffy pastry that has been a secret family recipe for many years, all made by hand, freshly baked with all-natural ingredients. Once you try our Swirly buns we think you will agree they are a little taste of heaven.  Click here to find out more! 

  • Baby Shower 1

    Baby Shower Favor

  • Baby Shower 2

    Baby Shower Favor

  • Almond Swirly Bun

    Almond Swirly Bun

  • Holiday Platter

    Holiday Platter

  • Lots of Swirly Buns

    Lots of Swirly Buns

  • One of our little fans!

    One of our little fans...

  • Cinnamon Buns

    Cinnamon Swirly Buns..our most popular

  • Start Your Day Off Right!

    A Great Way to Start the Day

  • Apple Swirly Buns

    Apple Swirly Buns